Money Matters matter – Financial Literacy for Students

Silver level

Published on 1/1/2015

Learning objectives

  • To prepare student to live ,work and excel in a 21st century world
  • To cultivate good money management habits among the children, so that when they become adult they practice sound personal finance management
  • To guide today’s students who understand how to access and utilize technology tools for researching, analyzing and creating new knowledge
Created for

Ages 14 - 18




Twenty-first century skills

21st Century Skills

Knowledge building & critical thinking

Global awareness & civic literacy

ICT for learning

Problem solving & innovation (creativity)

Student self-assessment

Required hardware




Electronic white board

Instructional approach

Project based learning (PBL)

Learning activity details

In today's complex world, young people need a wide range of skills and knowledge to make informed choices. Financial literacy is an important life skill for the holistic development of each student. We need to impart it early to make our future generations financially savvy to meet their goals.
This financial literacy project was done for helping students be money smart. Technological tools are used to engage students in matters linked to money in fun and creative ways and to reinforce the learning through ‘doing’. Students were given real hands-on experience of having to manage their money so that issues around money become real rather than theoretical.
Students were made aware of working of banking, budgeting, investing, saving, borrowing etc. They were encouraged to start early and inculcate financial discipline in them. Lot of activities were incorporated in project to stimulate creativity and innovation in students and also to equip them with skills required for Accessing and Analyzing Information for better financial decisions.
This project is done on a premise that if financial literacy is taught during the formative student years, it becomes the foundation of a brighter and better financial future for our budding entrepreneurs, visionaries and thought leaders of tomorrow.

Project management
This project takes students on a roller-coaster ride of non-linear learning on day-to-day money management concepts enumerated in an easy-to-grasp format and style.

• Presentations made by students on “Success stories of famous businessman “were shared with other students of same and other class. Presentations were also uploaded on our Project website
• Keeping diversity of students in mind various competitions were organised such as jingle ,slogan writing ,T-shirt designing , movie making ,poster making ,E-newspaper making etc. so that each and every student participate in some or the other way
• There is problem of circulation of fake currency notes so teacher told them online resources to identify fake notes and later online puzzles were created to check student’s knowledge
• Students were told importance of planning. Case studies were used and workshop was conducted by experts which were not only attended by students but teachers also.
• Students visited bank branch and also audio and video interviews of bank manager and employees were taken. Students became aware of banking facilities and terms.
• Students were made to play online and offline share trading games where they learnt the art of decision making and working in groups
• Essay competition for school children was organized on topics related to banking, borrowing, share trading etc.
• Online and offline quizzes were organized and students took responsibility of organizing event, making quizzes and conducting them. They took help of various collaborative technology tools.
• Students visited bank branches to see the real working of banks and also attended workshop by experts of share market.
• Students were made to join various online courses to learn more about money matters
• Students organised and conducted share trading game .
• Street plays were organised to share information on managing money with school students and community members in fun and interesting manner.
• Students became mentors and helped me in spreading financial literacy among junior school students also .They designed activities, animations and videos to be shown to students.

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