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Fresh Paint is the ultimate canvas for your big ideas. Create original masterpieces, turn photos into beautiful paintings, choose a coloring page for your kids, and even make a framed canvas print of your amazing creation.

Make whatever you imagine

Fresh Paint is an easy to use, free app that includes oil, watercolors, pencils, and all the tools you need to paint. Whether you are an artist, hobbyist, or kid, you can make whatever you imagine with Fresh Paint. “Utterly superb” – Brad Chacos, PC World “Windows 8’s coolest app: Fresh Paint” – David Goldman, CNNMoney “The most realistic painting app I have ever used” – Joe Fedewa, WinSource “There's no better demonstration of the cool types of things you can do with multitouch than Fresh Paint.” – Michael Muchmore, PC Magazine


  • NEW watercolors, pencils, and brush types.
  • NEW – get a custom framed canvas print of your masterpiece in a few easy steps.
  • Paints, graphite pencils, and brushes are highly realistic, and behave just like real paint and pencils without the mess and costly supplies.
  • Turn your photos into paintings.
  • Available activity packs and coloring pages will entertain budding artists.
  • Blend and mix paints to get just the color you want.
  • Choose from different brushes and change your brush size.
  • Easily correct mistakes with the eraser tool and undo button.
  • Click the fan button to dry instantly all the paint on your canvas.
  • Easily share your paintings with people you care about.

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