Giving Students a Voice with NewsActivist - a Global Network of Collaborating Student Writers

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I love to see self-motivated students and teachers succeed. I also find that when students write original content on subjects they are passionate about, they bolster their self-confidence and take a bold step into the world, learning more about what they can achieve. This is why a site like NewsActivist is a site that I felt deserved sharing.

NewsActivist ( was created in 2012 by teacher Gabriel Flacks, Humanities Department Coordinator at Champlain College Saint-Lambert. This free site is being used by students who are collaborating across classrooms and across the world. You'll find students writing about a broad array of topics, typically as part of specific assignments in college classes.

We've used NewsActivist at The College of Westchester and students and teachers alike have found it to be a productive, engaging experience.

If this sounds like something your students might benefit from, click over to their About Page, here:, and think about registering your class!

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