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"I am pro student voice because......." What do you complete this statement with? Visit the website www.stuvoice.org to learn more about the importance of student voice and how to incorporate it into your classroom. Something I found very intriguing is that students feel they have less of a voice and input as they get further in school. This seems backwards to me, shouldn't we be guiding these older students to be independent thinkers? We need to let them know that their voice matters and encourage them to speak for themselves. An interesting thing about this site is that it was started by students, we are hearing from them what works and may not be as effective. The most valuable portion is the News page, it lists up to date articles from a variety of resources regarding student voice in schools. So, now you have another go to resource for Student Voice. Join the movement and #StuVoice your tweets to share your thoughts and methods with others. After checking out the site leave feedback, what did you find useful? What other sites do you go to as a resource?

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