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My class started publishing books as part of their "Pigeon Project" at the end of last school year. Our class requested and received permission to use the characters from one of their favourite authors, Mo Willems. Initially, we published our books online and shared them through blogging and social media. However, my young students REALLY wanted to see their books in print.

Thanks to a grant from our school division, my students' wish has come true! Their amazing stories are actually in print! Kids Create Book Display

Before we printed books, we set criteria as a class to ensure that only our very best work was printed. With teacher and peer support, each student revised his or her work to meet the criteria we had agreed upon. criteria

We were thrilled when the books arrived and, even though we've already read the stories many times, we read them again! books

Next came another step in our project based learning. As part of our grant application, we agreed to share our work. The students decided to share their printed books in a couple of different ways. First, they shared their stories with family members at our school Celebration of Learning open house event. Next, they planned a traveling book display. We contacted our local arts centre and libraries to find out if they'd be willing to host our book display. We were thrilled to receive a positive response from our community and schools! Our books are now traveling around the community to be enjoyed by many!

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