Teaching with Technology: Overview

Learn to Integrate Technology

The Teaching with Technology (TwT) curriculum is designed to help educators understand how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can enhance the teaching and learning experience and enable students to acquire 21st century skills. Among many benefits, Teaching with Technology is free, aligned with the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers, and self-paced (log back on at any time to pick up where you left off).

  • Total Time
  • Contains
    6 Courses
  • Qualifies for badge
  • Language
    English change
Title Duration
COURSE 1: Why does the UNESCO ICT-CFT promote technology literacy? 4 hrs 15 mins
COURSE 2: Selecting ICT resources to support curriculum outcomes 5 hrs 25 mins
COURSE 3: How do technology and pedagogy mix? 7 hrs
COURSE 4: Use basic ICT tools to support teaching and learning 10 hrs 40 mins
COURSE 5: Organize and manage the use of ICT in your classroom 6 hrs 30 mins
COURSE 6: Technology literacy and your professional development 3 hrs

How the Self Assessment Works

The self-assessment will help you create a personalized learning plan you can follow to master specific competencies. The results of the 40-question assessment can help you determine which courses you want to build into your plan and which are optional. Upon completing at least one of the six courses, you will receive a Teaching with Technology badge. Retake the self-assessment at any time to check progress on your learning plan and see the competencies you are developing.