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Create system-wide change. Build innovative schools.
The Microsoft Innovative Schools Program helps district and school leaders embrace innovation and implement technology effectively to support teaching and learning. Through this program school leaders can explore the possibilities, collaborate with other leaders and create a vision for the future of your school community.

Success stories

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  • Innovative Schools Video
  • Innovative Schools Video
  • Innovative Schools Video

“Participating in the Microsoft Innovative Schools program inspired us as a learning community and enabled us to reach out to other schools.”

Paul Cassar Eunice High School South Africa

FREE resources for School leaders

Hundreds of free downloads for schools and professional development materials for school leaders.

  • 21 steps to 21st Century Learning
    Guide for schools and school districts as they envision, plan, implement, evaluate and expand 1:1 learning in their school.
  • Get insight and one-on-one coaching on the most innovative practices from schools that are transforming education and the consultants who have helped them.
  • Self-Reflection Tool
    This framework helps to break up the process of innovation into four key areas in any school and allows you to explore each area and how it benefits your school.
  • Attend webinars presented by global thought leaders in education on topics ranging from leading edge school design to 1:1 learning to the future of technology in education.
  • Creating Innovative Schools
    A framework for creating an approach that is agile, adaptable and in tune with young people’s lives outside of the classroom, and their future employability.
  • Online survey that measures and provides a report of your school’s innovative teaching practices.
  • A system framework for guiding innovative school reform.
  • Professional development online learning designed to give teachers a deeper understanding of ICT integration.
  • Free one-hour online seminar exploring tools that engage students.

Collaborate with education leaders worldwide

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