Windows in the Classroom: Overview

Windows in the Classroom

Windows in the Classroom seminars help you envision new ways of using ICT in your school’s learning environments. The seminar is a series of videos that show real world examples of how software and devices can be used to enhance the learning experience.

The seminar is easy to watch in one setting or over multiple visits. You can close a video at any time and when you return, the seminar will pick up where you left off. At the end of this series you will be asked to take a short survey. If you complete the course and survey, you will be awarded a Windows in the Classroom badge on your profile.

  • Total Time
    Up to one hour
  • Contains
    1 Course 15 Videos
  • Qualifies for badge
  • Language
Title Duration
cateogryThe case for technology in schools 7 mins
cateogryBeyond content and consumption 1 min
cateogryCollaboration and communications tools 10 mins
cateogryScaffold student thinking 2 mins
cateogryImproved research and references 1 min
cateogryDetailed personalized student feedback 3 mins
cateogryMore efficent and powerful communications 5 mins
cateogryDistribute and share curriculum material 1 min
cateogryJust in time games based learning 2 mins
cateogryIncrease learning through tablet PCs 7 mins
cateogryDemonstrate understanding 3 mins
cateogryDevelop editing skills 2 mins
cateogryDigital storytelling 1 1 min
cateogryDigital storytelling 2 1 min
Survey 15 mins - 20 mins

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