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English with Leo is great for English as a second language (ESL) speakers to learn English and expand their vocabularly quickly. English with Leo features more than 100,000 interesting stories, book and articles in English.
Themes and translations personalize your learning

English with Leo provides contextual translation of unknown words in one click. The App enables you to read and translate while you are offline. When you are online, new words are added to your personal dictionary and synchronized with your LinguaLeo.com account. English with Leo features: - 50 thematic word sets with pictures; - 6 interactive exercises: Word → Translation and Translation → Word, Word Сards, Word Puzzle, Listening and Leo - Sprint; - A chance to monitor your progress of learning words in real time; - Your personal dictionary with transcription and audio pronunciation; - Translations for 60,000 words. No internet connection needed; - Sync your personal dictionary and your progress with LinguaLeo web version; - Search and translations of any English song lyrics.* * You will find out what your favorite artists sing in the latest update. Now you’ll get English song lyrics playing on your WindowsPhone and you’ll be able to translate all the new words there! (Available for Nokia Lumia only.)

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