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CINCH Learning allows students to extend the learning experience by accessing content inside or outside the classroom using cloud technology.
Increase student engagement

With educational games and social networking elements, such as the ability to highlight content and spark a discussion that appears as a comment thread, CINCH Learning offers teachers a number of ways to engage students that go beyond what is offered by a "traditional" digital math or science textbook. CINCH Learning combines the power of interactive classroom technology with McGraw-Hill’s proven, comprehensive curriculum expertise. The CINCH app now brings the power of CINCH Learning to Windows 8 devices, featuring a fully native app experience, offline caching of recently viewed lesson pages, and the ability to add to discussion threads. Key Features: -Access to all licensed courses for both students and teachers -Teachers have full access to teacher notes -Engage students with online discussions -Ability to add highlights and notes -Direct links to relevant search engine results -Interactive glossary and vocabulary terms -Supports portrait and landscape mode -Student quiz taking and submission

Please note that the CINCH app requires a valid license and login credentials to CINCH Learning. CINCH is only licensed to School Districts at this time.

Windows 8, 32 bit

Windows 8, 64 bit

Windows RT



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