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Skitch Touch is a free tool that enables students to demonstrate their understanding of a concept by annotaing images with arrows, shapes text and more. In addition, Skitch Touch is great for teachers for clearly communicating visually with students, parents and colleagues.

Fast, free and fun

Use Skitch to sketch something new, mark up maps, screen captures, or even a photo. Then save or share your Skitch annotation to help others see and understand your ideas. Getting everyone on the same page has never been easier. Features that make Skitch Touch great: - Create smooth lines and scribbles to explain an idea - Annotate maps, webpages and screenshots - Zoom and crop images - Pixelate portions of an image, add highlights and draw attention to what matters - Add text using special high-contrast coloring for readability - Markup text with the highlighter tool - Reposition and delete shapes, text and drawings at any time - Share your work with any application that accepts images Features •Take a photo using your built in camera and annotate with arrows and text •Use an image from your Pictures and mark it up •Start with a blank canvas and sketch an idea •Choose multiple colors and pen stroke thicknesses •Select, re-color and move your shapes and text •Save your annotated image to your Pictures folder •Open previous Skitch images from your Hub screen •Save to your Evernote account to remember everything

Ideas for using SkitTouch:

  • In the classroom: Draw or mark up things like screen shots, photos or diagrams to explain complex topics or instructions
  • After school: Have a student send you a screenshot of something they're struggling with and annotate it and send it back
  • First day of school: take a snapshot of your students and annotate it with their names
  • For field trip: Draw a line on a map to show chaperones where parking is or to help them find a tricky location


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