My students; their voice

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Growing up, at home as well as at school, we were constantly reminded that children were to speak when spoken to and answer when called. Unfortunately, I did not understand this concept very well and as a result I was constantly 'in trouble' for speaking out of turn. Though I experienced a lot of flak for my many opinions, there was one teacher who encouraged my forward way of thinking. He always told me that I was going to be a force to be reckoned with; and he was right.

When I became a teacher, my main goal was to listen to my students to better assist with their learning. I encourage my students to speak up and out about things they like as well as those they do not like. As a result, there is an open communication between all inside and outside the classroom; building self-confidence and positive esteem. I enjoy hearing what they are thinking and I encourage them to respectfully share their views with others.

When we listen to our students we become better teachers; tapping into their needs and embracing their wants. We should aspire to not only teach children but cultivate great thinkers.

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