What should you ask your students to get to know them?

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With the new school year here in the US it is time to get to know a new group of students. Of course we quickly learn the basics about students and do what we can to make accommodations and meet their needs. However, I have found a great list of questions that give them a voice, teaches them a bit about themselves, and lets gives the teacher insight to how to help each student.

In my classroom I have instituted these questions as the daily "Kick Off Question". When students come into the classroom their is one of the questions on the screen, they write the question, and their answer. While the students are working I walk around to glance at answers. This gives me a chance to make note of anything that needs immediate attention on my party. At the end of every two weeks the students will turn in their questions and as a result I have a record of information that can help me help my students.

As teachers we need to help students be reflective and learn more about the way they think and what motivates them- sometimes they have to figure themselves out before their voice can be a true reflection of what they need.

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