Student "Center of the Educational Process"

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In our school, the focus is on our students in the learning and teaching approach; where our students are eager to have their voices heard in all categories and communicate with the local and international communities. In order to create a change and leverage up their personalities, skills and become young productive leaders. In addition to that, our students keen to learn through the latest innovative approaches and gain the knowledge from different cultures and perspectives. As in the youth talk program, which encourages our students to communicate with international students and exchange the knowledge through video conferencing.

We gave them the opportunities to develop their own personality and shape it in a leader and communicative way; students were exposed to managing and leading the school community, peer to peer coaching, young teacher roles and taking a lead in student parliament. Our students have a major role in communicating and leading the needs of the local community through serving the community and providing services in different aspects.

What differentiates our students is their role in conveying what they learn to their peers. Our students have a major role in Microsoft Partners in Learning Program, by receiving and conducting workshops to other peers over the network and learning suite. Our students reflect always what they learn in their community, by developing technology projects that serve the school and local communities. Through that, by the beginning of each semester, our students assess the needs of the school and the local community and discuss different approaches and aspects to deliver continuous change.

Our students enjoy learning and focus on sharpening their skills and grow confidence day by day, from the school’s vision in creating young leaders to learn from life for their own life future.

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