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This is the link that could change your life and career: http://t.co/CpiBwLNyXX

This is the link to apply to be a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator. Microsoft offers this opportunity to all educators who educate all ages. The defined benefits are listed on the application page; however, these are not what will impact you the most.

As a part of the MIE program for the last few years I can attest that my teaching style, outlook on education, and use of technology strategies has been changed for the positive in a variety of ways. First and most impactful is the connections to the other innovative educators. Not only do they supply endless ideas of genius lessons, they also provide a sounding board for new ideas and challenges we face. Expert Educators are like minded in that they do not let the small things or the big things get in the way of using innovative teaching practices to inspire and motivate their students to be life long learners.

Being part of the Partners in Learning Network as a Microsoft Innovative Educator has opened my eyes to all that Microsoft does for education. This includes the many online resources, professional development opportunities, and the personal attention they are willing to offer teachers. Not to mention the fabulous time they show teachers at the Global Forum. Teachers are treated like royalty!

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Expert Educator application or program please do not hesitate to email me or comment below. Please do not hesitate! Apply today!!!

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