Let's Collaborate with Students' Government Board

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With introduction of the new National Curriculum which focuses on the 21st century skills for each student, all pedagogical staff of our school analysed the concept of competence-based education and improved their ICT skills. For the whole school year we focused on Learning to Learn competence. Alongside with the decisions taken in teachers’ professional development area, we tried to involve our students in the process of analysing various aspects of Learning to Learn competence in contexts other than those experienced in the classroom. For example, they got involved in several students’ actions, such as designing the vision of their “dream school” learning environmentsDream_school_ (2), managing a week without the school bellDream_school_(1), etc. Our school staff had an additional workshop in which we dealt with the importance of time management skills in becoming a competent learner, a leader of one’s own learning. We talked about “time thieves”, the 20/80 rule to be applied in time management, developed a list of activities for students and advice to be given to them by their class teachers at the start of the second half of the school year. We also agreed that while visiting each other’s lessons we would reflect and give constructive feedback to our colleagues on how successful we are in lesson time management. Students’ Government Board were very enthusiastic about the idea to organise and manage a week without the school bell during which students took on the responsibility not to be late for the lessons without hearing the school bell. They even designed the action logo demonstrating that it is them who have to plan and manage their timelogo_time.Time_management

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