Holiday Ideas to Make the Holidays Accessible and Fun for All!

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It’s that time of year again to start preparing for the Holiday Season. This year we wanted to share with you a collection of holiday ideas and resources to make the holiday accessible and fun for all! Many communities are realizing with just a little pre-planning, the holidays can be enjoyed by children with special needs. Such programs include Sensitive Santa which allows children to visit Santa in a quiet more comfortable environment and the Wings for Autism Programs provide an airport “rehearsal”.

As educators and advocates we are often asked about gifting ideas and activities suggestions. We have compiled a quick list of activities, survival guides, blogs, Pinterest collections, and retailers that can be shared. We encourage you to share other ideas and resources that you find helpful by posting a comment. Happy Holidays!

Activity and Survival Guides:

  • 10 Accessible Holiday Activities & Gift Guides for Children who are Blind
  • Holiday Survival Guide for Families with Special Needs Ability Path
  • Traveling Tips for Individuals with Autism and their families Autism Speaks
  • Holiday Gift Guide for Any Age Forbes
  • Accessible Holidays
  • Vacation Destinations


  • Seven Ways to Enjoy the Holidays With Your Special Needs Child by Fat Brain
  • The Best Christmas Toys for Blind Children by Wonderbaby
  • Stocking Stuffers by Wonderbaby
  • 10 Sensory Christmas Activities for Children who are blind by Wonderbaby
  • Toy Story: Special Considerations by Matt Villano for Ability Path
  • 10 best Gifts for Kids with Special Needs by Matt Villano for Ability Path
  • Holiday Gift Guide Ideas for Teens and Tweens with Autism and Other Learning Disabilities

Pinterest Collections:

  • Merry Sensory Christmas
  • Awesome Toys for Blind Babies and Children
  • AT For Someone with a Visual Impairment


  • Toys Guide for Differently-abled Children - Celebrating 20 years
  • Special Needs Toys
  • Games and Toys for Deaf Children and Their Families - Rehabmart
  • Sensory University Toy Company
  • Fat Brain Toys
  • eSpecial Needs
  • Amazon- Type in Key words –“Special Needs” over 5,000 toy ideas
  • American Printing House for the Blind Games and Puzzles
  • Westminster Technologies
  • Enablemart Toys
  • Switch Adapted Toys

For more helpful tips check out our blog entry from last year Access to Play and Learning: Selecting and Adapting Toys and Games Holly

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