What are Digital Portfolios and How Can We Use Them (More Effectively)?

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Digital portfolios are a great way to utilize technology in education in various ways. Teachers can create digital portfolios to document student progress including running records of student achievement and data tracking documenting progress toward IEP goals and objectives. Additionally, teachers and/or students can create various digital portfolios to assist in transitions. The use of digital portfolios eases the transition from one classroom or grade level to another, from middle to high school, as well as transitioning from a school environment to the workplace.

One simple way to create portfolios is through Microsoft PowerPoint and other various Microsoft tools. We have provided a PowerPoint to assist you in selection of various tools available to create digital portfolios for your students. We hope you find these tools helpful in creating smooth transitions as well as ways to track student achievement through the use of digital portfolios.

We have included files at the end of this blog to quick tutorials on the following features that can enrich your digital portfolios:

Digital Portfolios, PowerPoint PhotoAlbum, MS Word Sound Recorder for Voice Comments, PowerPoint PhotoAlbum, Using a Scanner, Inserting Video into PowerPoint

In addition, check out the following portfolio websites:

Prince George’s County Public Schools – Portfolio Assessment http://www.pgcps.org/~elc/portfolio.html

Using Portfolios of Student Work in Instruction and Assessment http://bit.ly/portfolios_ncme

How to Create a Portfolio with Evernote http://bit.ly/evernote_portfolio

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