Introducing our guest blogger, Dr. Kristine Neuber, from George Mason University!

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If you haven't had a chance yet to read Kristine's wonderful posting on Strategies for Improving Organization and Time Management for Students with Executive Functioning Deficit, please do so now. You'll be glad you did! These are very "timely" topics. It's jam-packed with important and practical information that can benefit us as educators, as well as our students!

Here's her bio:

Kristine is a faculty member at George Mason University and teaches courses in the Assistive Technology Master’s Program. She has been at Mason for more than 15 years working on a variety of grant funded projects in the area of Assistive Technology at Kellar Institute for Human disAbilities. Prior to working at Mason she was a teacher for students with visual impairments. She has worked with people of all ages with a variety of disabilities. She particularly enjoys working with adults with disabilities. She left Mason for two years to manage the Computer Electronic Accommodations Program Technology Evaluation Center (CAPTEC) for the Department of Defense, where she provided assistive technology assessments for government employees and wounded service members.

Kristine became interested in researching executive functioning deficits while working with wounded service members at CAPTEC. Her interest peaked when she was diagnosed with Adult ADD while pursuing her Ph.D. She participated in ADD coaching while writing her dissertation where she learned about many of the tips provided in the blog.

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