Introducing our guest bloggers, Karen Dietrich and Stacy McBain, from Loudoun County Public Schools!

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We are pleased to introduce our latest guest bloggers, Karen Dietrich and Stacy McBain, who are members of our Loudoun County Public Schools Assistive Technology team. Check out their posting on What are Digital Portfolios and How Can We Use Them (More Effectively)? Their links include their presentation that describes how educators can create digital portfolios to document their students' progress, and quick tutorials on tools and resources to help create the portfolios. These tools have been very helpful to our LCPS educators!

Here are their bios:

Karen Dietrich, M.Ed.

Karen has been an educator for more than 20 years. She began her career in California, graduating from US Davis and then San Francisco State University. She has taught in general education and special education classrooms. For the past ten years she has been a full time Assistive Technology Specialist in Washington State and in Northern Virginia. She earned her Masters degree in Instructional Technology at George Mason University in Virginia. She is passionate about training educators and has presented at several state and national conferences on technology integration. When she’s not in the classroom, she loves to ride her Harley with her husband Stan.

Stacy McBain, ATP

Stacy McBain is an Assistive Technology Professional with a Speech Pathology background. She graduated from The University of Washington and has worked in the educational setting for 15 years. She began working in Texas as both a Speech Therapist and an Assistive Technology Coordinator. In 2011 she moved to Northern Virginia and began working full-time as an Assistive Technology Trainer for Loudoun County Public Schools. She has presented at several state and national conferences and loves to help students and teachers utilize technology. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her husband and her 4 kids and being the biggest cheerleader for their various sports including baseball, football, soccer and hockey.

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