Happy New Year! Thanks for a Great Year in 2013 and More to Come in 2014...

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What a wonderful year for the Blog in 2013! In 2014, there is even more great information and discussions planned for you on accessibility, assistive technology and universal design for learning! We would like to take the time to reflect and thank all of our guest bloggers who made this blog a success in 2013! We started out the fall season with Chris Bugaj spreading the professional development virus in October. Then Dr. Kathleen Puckett shared wonderful ways to build leadership skills! Chris Cunningham took a closer look at multifunctionality of devices. Marc Zimmerman shared with us how get the most out of Tablet Computers at home to review class lessons. Laura Rahn shared the realities of 1:1 computing. Daniel Davies focused on how to improving access to information and technology for individuals with cognitive disabilities. Chris Cunningham discussed the importance of Braille and other ways to tap into the imagination of students with vision challenges. Jason Carroll highlighted quick solutions for providing feedback to professional development participants. We wanted to spread the word on using the speak text-to-speech command in M.S. Office.

It was exciting to be nominated for the Edublog Best Group Blog! Thank you Chris Bugaj for that nomination. We placed third! What fun to see all the supporters of the Partners in Learning Hot Topics Blogs! Speaking of fun; December blog topics were loaded with fun. Shannon Putman zoomed in on using Kinect to revolutionize education, Eman Yousef shared ideas for tablet technology for individuals who are blind or have low vision and Dana Marlowe provided great tablet accessibility tips for students with disabilities. In addition, we wanted to celebrate the holidays with handy tips on Selecting and Adapting Toys and Games. Below is Word Graphic of 2013 Highlights! MyCloud

Preview 2014 Guest Bloggers and Topics:

In January, Dr. Kristine Nueber (George Mason University) will be sharing ideas on organizational skills and tools. Karen Dietrich and Stacy McBain (Loudoun Co. Public Schools) will be highlighting strategies to support student progress through digital portfolios. Other upcoming topics include Judith Schoonover and Sally Norton Darr (Loudoun Co. Public Schools ) sharing ways to support students’ literacy skills; Dr. Marci Kinas Jerome (George Mason University) looking at virtual learning; Dr. Kim Floyd (West Virginia University) focusing on early childhood special education tools, Dr. Emily Bouck ( Purdue University) highlighting how to repurpose everyday technology into assistive technology and Dr. Dave Edyburn ( University of Wisconsin- Milwakee) taking a closer look at accessible learning materials.

Our guest bloggers are leaders in the field that are willing to share their expertise! Hope you can join us weekly to share comments and join in on the discussion!

Here's to a great New Year!

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