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In my last blog I wrote about networking and soft skills. Here I will focus on the use of technology.

Another change that schools should adopt is definitely the use of more technology. In high school, the only instances where I had to use the computer were for some basic research, an occasional presentation, and turning in essays. However, through increased exposure of technology in college, I became more conscious of my learning style and became more interested in my learning as a result.

In economics my first quarter of college, my professor had restricted her lectures to videos we had to watch before class. During our class time, we would then do practice problems in small groups. I loved the format so much because I could listen to the lecture at my own pace and have my answers immediately answered in class if I was having trouble with a problem. In accounting, I realized that even though it would take me two hours to read through a section of the textbook, it takes me just an hour to listen to the chapter read aloud online and retain the same amount of information. Realizing this about myself was paramount and I know what I have to focus on now to be more efficient. If school curriculums can incorporate more of these options for students to take advantage of --students can explore and understand their own strengths earlier, translating into bigger successes later on in life.

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