elearning Africa 2014: My learner to volunteer as Social Media Reporter

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I am excited at the prospect that the biggest ICT in Education forum in Africa is giving to one of my learners involved in project based learning program that emphasizes purposeful media creation as a way to lend a voice to young people - Adobe Youth Voices.

The organizers of the eLearning Africa 2014 have interested her to be a social media reporter tasked with the responsibility of making constant update of the proceedings of the conference which is slated for May 28 to 30 2014 at Munyonyo, Kampala.

The learner had submitted a proposal in bid to be a presenter and share her learning experiences in ICT at the conference. She also went on to submit an application for conference scholarship.

Though her proposal was not taken, her expressed interest in ICT has earned her a mouth watering opportunity of meeting resourceful persons from all corners f the world.

Her, together with her colleagues invited are expected to have Facebook and twitter account which they will use to update the public about the going-no at the conference. Each of the invited youth participants will also be provided with cellphones as aid to their task.

My invited student has actively participate in the project based learning as the main video camera and lead editor in a recently concluded purposeful media making project called "Wrath of a Stepmother"

She is currently engaged in creating digital content for learning purposes in biology.

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