Fostering skills to obtain current and future jobs. Mar 12th at 3:30pm, room 211/212 @ the Microsoft Global Forum in Barcelona.

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Today's youth face an opportunity divide – a gap between those who have access to the skills and training they need to be successful, and those who do not. With more than 75 million unemployed youth around the world, we must work together to close this divide in order to secure the future of our youth, and of our global economy. This panel will discuss what to do in and outside the classroom to ensure young people are acquiring the right skills needed in the marketplace.

Moderator: Akhtar Badshah

Senior Director of Community Affairs, Microsoft Akhtar Akhtar Badshah's current role is as the senior director of Global Community Affairs at Microsoft Corporation, where he administers the company’s global community investment and employee programs through monetary grants, software and curriculum donations, technology solutions, and employee volunteer hours. Among his responsibilities, Badshah manages the Microsoft Unlimited Potential Community Technology Skills Program (CTSP), a global initiative designed to help narrow the technology skills gap; aid global work-force development; and create social and economic opportunity by providing technology training through community technology centers.

Lori Harnick

General Manager, Citizenship & Public Affairs, Microsoft Lori Harnick Headshot Lori Forte Harnick is Microsoft’s General Manager for Citizenship & Public Affairs. In this role, Lori leads Microsoft’s global work on corporate social responsibility and service to communities as well as the company’s public relations of all legal and public policy issues.

Charles Hardy

Strategic Talent Solutions Consultant, Linkedin

charles Through a career that spans IBM, TMP Worldwide and now LinkedIn, Charles has focused on leveraging technology to improve (and in some cases revolutionise) recruitment. In his current role Charles is responsible for LinkedIn’s engagement with Education (school, university and business school) across Europe, providing insights and tools to help educational organisations get the most of LinkedIn, and helping entry-level talent make informed decisions about courses, careers and employers.

Michael Braun

Teacher Rainer Beach High School, Seattle Michael braun Michael Braun started teaching at Rainier Beach High School three years ago. The technology program started without Computer Science or TEALS. Now, three years later, Michael Braun teaches three computer science classes with TEALS: Advanced Placement Computer Science, Exploring Computer Science Beginners, and Introduction to Computer Science Special Projects. Washington State's Governor Jay Inslee recognized Michael Braun's Computer Science program when signing the House Bill 1472.

Azra Naseem

Assistant Director, Aga Khan University

Azra Naseem is a faculty member and Assistant Director Blended and Digital Learning Network at the Aga Khan University n South-Central Asia, East Africa & London, UK. In this role she is leading the establishment of a multi-continent, multi-disciplinary network of blended and digital learning at the University.

Dr. Ginger L. Blackmon

Principal at Highland Tech School, Anchorage, Alaska ginger Dr. Ginger L. Blackmon began her teaching career in 1993 at an intercity school in San Diego, California. Moving in 1999 from the classroom into school administration, Dr. Blackmon has served as a principal at all levels (Elementary, Middle and High School). Dr. Blackmon has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, from San Diego State University, a Master’s in Education from San Diego State University and a Doctorate from the University of San Diego in Leadership Studies.

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