A student's perspective on workforce skills and career development

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Q1: Introduce yourself (school, major, year)

University of Washington Seattle, Information Systems and Marketing, Junior

Q2: What do you think is the most important soft/hard skill? Why?

I believe that communication is the most important soft skill. Communication wires and keeps everything in this place together. Without communication, it would be difficult to interact and build a better future.

Q3: What industry do you see yourself in? Why?

I see myself in an industry that focuses on technology development and business. Technology (computer) is the future of how everything works and it is very interesting to teach and to work in an industry that understands how it can be beneficial to society.

Q4: What do you think will take to get there?

Persistence, focus, and open-mindedness. Besides studying in school and doing well, you need to have a desire and passion for what you do. Then, work won't seem like work and you will be able to do what you love.

Q5: How do you plan on getting there?

Study the field and understand what I need to accomplish to get to my goal. Also, learn through internships and self-study.

Q6: What course will you be taking this year?

Taking the quarter off of school.

Q7: What outside activities are you involved in?

Bboy (Break-dancing), HHSA (Hip Hop Student Association), Part-time job

Q8: What are some of your experiences/achievements? How do they align to your overall career aspirations?

One of the simple achievements that is not phenomenal is when I succeed in building my own desktop PC from scratch. I researched all the components needed and also studied how every part works together. Additionally, it gave me a satisfaction of hard work. I held a part-time job, and saved up to build this computer. Building my own computer gave me an understanding of what I would like to do in the future, especially in the business aspect.

Q9: Do you think the classes you took in college and high school helped prepare you for real world experience?Your title here...

I think education in general is important in every aspect. No matter what class, it will help in the real world.

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