Missing Basic Skills part 2

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Referring to my earlier blog post, Missing Basic Skills, I have noted that in some cases the students don't have the Basic skills needed. But how could they if even their teachers don't have them? For example, we had a teachers' training event in which the teachers were able to choose what they wanted to learn. Two most wanted things were tablets and Excel basics. The tablets I understand because they are new devices at our school but Excel?!! So, there are teachers who know the basics and use even the social media efficiently but there are also those who can't or even refuse to use ICT in teaching. What can we do about this then? In those cases where the lack of knowledge is the reason the solution is simple but what abou those who refuse to use it? What can be done is this situation? This places the stundents in unequal situation. And what are the reasons for this? Fear of failure? Something else? In order to teach ICT for students they need to have the same starting point. ie. educated and willing teachers. This means that teachers must be taught the proper basic skills before they can use ICT as a tool. Not only the new technologies but the Basic software too. In my opinion, we need proper on going training for teachers in ICT in order to to be able to teach the students. Sadly I have noticed that this isn't the case. We don't stand in same starting point in all the cases. The possibilities to get the on going training isn't always possible. There isn't enough equipment, the authorities don't want to educate or don't see it as one of their priorities or there isn't just enough money. What can be done in such cases? Now, I have left many quoestions unanswered in purpose. This in order to raise discussion and to get ideas. Please, feel free to comment.

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