Teaching with Technology Basics: Overview

Teaching with Technology Basics

Explore four of our most popular Teaching with Technology topics you'll learn about:

  • ICT tools that support student assessment needs at different stages of learning.
  • Tips to use the internet more effectively to support learning.
  • Tools to enable collaboration.
  • Time saving productivity tips for you!
  • Total Time
    Up to 3 hours
  • Contains
    1 Course 4 Lessons
  • Qualifies for badge
  • Language
    English change
Title Duration
LESSON 1: ICT tools for the evaluation of optimization knowledge 45 mins
LESSON 2: The creation of better learning activities using the internet 40 mins
LESSON 3: Support learning and teaching with the user of technology to support collaboration 45 mins
LESSON 4: Better results thanks to ICT technologies 30 mins

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