Teaching with Technology: Educator Benefits

  • Courses are accessible. Access courses when and where you need it, without travel and available on most devices with a high-speed internet connection.
  • Based on globally recognized teacher technology standards including UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (UNESCO ICT-CFT), Technology Literacy Approach and ISTE NETS for Teachers.
  • Created by educators, for educators. Supports you in meeting curriculum standards such as the U.S. Common Core standards which require a high level of technology integration.
  • Relevant, small learning topics mean in just 20-30 minutes you will learn something and can try it in your classroom.
  • Individually tailored to you. The self-assessment helps identify your specific learning needs.
  • Demonstrate your competency to your school leader or potential employer by earning the Teaching with Technology badge or differentiate yourself even further by studying for and passing the Microsoft Certified Educator exam.

The best ways to demonstrate competency is to share what you have learned with your peers. Create and add a learning activity or upload a tutorial video here on the Microsoft Educator Network.