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21st Century Learning Design

21st Century Learning Design professional development

21 Century Learning Design helps educators who know their content and effective instructional strategies to produce higher achievement outcomes among their students.

21st Century Learning Design workshops are highly interactive and learner-centered where educators work together to learn how to:

  • Analyze and 'code' learning activities to see how deeply they integrate 21st century skills
  • Collaborate in designing new learning activities that provide deeper 21st century skills development
  • Examine the impact of these learning activities on students' work
  • Use ICT as part of the learning process

Teachers who go through this process say it gives them a clear and practical way to integrate 21st century skills in their own teaching. The workshops require that educators:

  • Be active and engaged knowledge-builders
  • Adopt, model and use the skills they are seeking to instill in their students
  • Become learners of their own teaching practices by studying the impact of their teaching on students

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21st Century Learning Design Workshop video

Watch a 21st Century Learning Design session in South Africa

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