Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer: Overview

Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer

Transform teaching and learning in your community

Do you enjoy facilitating and supporting the learning of the educators in your community? In addition to earning and MIE Expert designation, some educators choose to become Microsoft Innovative Expert Trainers (MIE Trainers) so they may access Microsoft professional development resources. Join expert educators, teacher trainers from NGOs, commercial providers, local governments and districts and become a MIE Trainer.


  • Learn about the latest research findings on effective professional development models and the implications for teacher trainers.
  • Access over 150 hours of pedagogically sound professional development, including: Digital Literacy, Teaching with Technology, and 21st Century Learning Design.
  • Understand how you can use Microsoft professional development including needs assessments, adaptable training materials, and evaluation tools.
  • Receive a monthly newsletter and invitations to webcasts.
  • Earn a MIE Trainer or MIE Master Trainer Badge.
  • Permission to use a MIE Trainer or MIE Master Trainer email signature.
  • Participate in ongoing discussions and receive recognition for the important work you do.

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  2. Review the program commitments

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