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TouchDevelop is a new approach to teaching programming create mobile apps everywhere for all your devices, using simple programming and a touch-based code editor. Anyone can write programs with this free and easy to use Windows Phone application. TouchDevelop allows you to focus on the exciting aspects of mobile devices, such as the GPS, the accelerometer, the gyroscope, songs, pictures, and web site access, without the same complexity of regular programming.

Teach your students to create phone apps quickly and easily.

TouchDevelop allows you to write mobile apps on any of your devices with or without a keyboard. Anyone can publish and download apps written with TouchDevelop, you can even submit them for certification to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. TouchDevelop is the easiest and most engaging way to introduce students to (mobile) programming. Your students will be able to create fun games and utilities in no time. Using a touch based-code editor, TouchDevelop can let you take advantage of a phone’s sensors and data. Even complex apps can be created with a few taps on the screen. Teachers can use TouchDevelop in the classroom to teach programming concepts and use it for classes on Mobile Computing. The TouchDevelop programming environment is available as a free web application or as a free application on the Windows Phone Store.

With the TouchDevelop app for Windows Phone, you can:

  • Motivate and engage students by teaching coding to students
  • Use it as an introduction to Computer Science
  • Create your own apps for teaching
  • Use it as a platform for programming students to practice their skills

System requirements:

  • Windows Phone running 7.5 (Mango)
  • Internet Explorer 10 (recommended)
  • Mobile Safari on iOS 6
  • Chrome 22+ for PCs and likely Macs, Linux
  • Firefox 16+ for PCs and likely Macs, Linux
  • Chrome 18+ for Android


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