Mathematics of Kites

Gold level

Published on 9/15/2014

Learning objectives

  • Kite is a member of Quadrilateral family
  • The properties of different quadrilateral such as Trapezium,Parallelogram,Rectangle,Square ,Rhombus and kite.
  • They will learn use of technology or different ICT tools for documentation.
Created for

Ages 11 - 13




Health studies and personal safety


Mathematics (All)

Social Studies


Twenty-first century skills

21st Century Skills



Problem solving & innovation (creativity)

Required hardware



Instructional approach

Project based learning (PBL)

Learning activity details

The goal of Project:
To connect Mathematics to daily life of the students.
To engage students in design, problem solving, decision making, and investigative activities.
To establish relation of Mathematics with other subjects.
The students will develop 21st century skills such as interpersonal relationship, creativity, critical thinking while working in group.
To develop skill of Technology in the students for learning Mathematics.
Grade level-Class VIII
Approximate time- 1 periods
 Brain storming:
The essential questions will be asked to motivate the students to take part in project.
 Grouping:
36 students were grouped in to 6 groups. Each group had a leader, a member who is good in writing, one member good in technology. Each group had mixed talents and one technological expert. In the mean time I was developing their technological skills.
Unit Summary
Mathematics cannot be separated from our real life. The students come across different quadrilateral shapes in daily life. The summary includes the properties related to different quadrilaterals, angles. sides and diagonals. It includes the construction of different quadrilaterals.
Curriculum link:
The students learnt about Japan and China which increased their knowledge of Geography.
They learnt about history of kites and developed the knowledge of culture.
They improved literacy skill while writing the report.
While making kite in group they developed skill of drawing and measurement.
While flying kite they developed the scientific concept behind the flying of an object.
So the project was an interdisciplinary approach of Mathematics, English, Geography, History , Drawing and Technology.

Execution of the Project:
1. The students surfed internet and wrote a report in group on history of kites.
They presented a research report in group. They typed in Ms Word, copied picture from websites and printed the document. They learnt surfing internet, copying, pasting ,editing and printing. They learnt copy right law also.
2. The students prepared a power point presentation on family of Quadrilaterals.
They learnt to make slides, slide management, inserting picture, inserting designs .They also learnt to use projector.
3. The students in group collected the information about making a kite ,its procedure and raw materials required. They made kites, took the photographs themselves with digital camera and transferred to the computer.
Assignment in group
1) Research Report on the history of kites.
2) Power point presentation on Quadrilaterals.
3) Power point presentation of properties of Quadrilaterals
4) Construction of Quadrilaterals using Compass and pencil.
5) Construction of Parallelogram, Rectangle, Square using software GeoGebra.
6) Making MCQ questions and showing as quiz.
7) Making kites in Group
8) Flying Kite
9) Uploading in website.
Assessment Summary:
• Research Report: Research Report Rubric
• Power point presentation :Power point Rubric
• Quiz : Scoring key
• Webpage; Peer feedback

Conclusion/ Reflection of Teacher
The students enjoyed the project .They learnt about the history of kite and significance of country China in this field.
They learnt about kite festival celebrated in different countries.
They learnt kite making as well as kite flying.
The students learnt the use of Microsoft Word,Power Point,Excel,Movie Maker for preparing research Report and presentation.
It leaves a scope for them to learn without the teacher.
The students developed MCQ questions which developed their critical thinking skills.
They scored very good marks in the questions based on the topic ‘Understanding Quadrilaterals “ in SA-1 examination.
They developed a website with help of teacher in

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