GM Crops A Boon or Bane

Gold level

Published on 10/1/2013

Learning objectives

  • To be creative using Collaborative learning methods & apply themselves practically using 21st century skills, adapt to different situations
  • Co-exist within a heterogeneous group while learning to create a finished product from inputs from individuals fulfilling asymmetric roles.
  • Student-faculty mixed Inter disciplinary approach,awareness,leadership skills,critical thinking,innovative social outcomes to serve humanity
Created for

Ages 11 - 13

Ages 14 - 18



Computer Science

Digital/Media Literacy


Health studies and personal safety


Twenty-first century skills

21st Century Skills



Knowledge building & critical thinking

Global awareness & civic literacy

ICT for learning

Problem solving & innovation (creativity)

Student self-assessment

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Microsoft Excel
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Microsoft Word

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Windows 7
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Required hardware




Electronic white board

Instructional approach

Project based learning (PBL)

Personalized learning

Direct instruction

Independent study


Learning activity details

The main aim of my National award winning project was to create skilled students who can creatively use subject knowledge and develop projects that can be useful to society in a way that is socially acceptable and implementable.The project aims to provide a platform for collaborative learning,expose students to real-world situations to get a thorough insight on issues and instill in them traits like effective communication skills & leadership qualities to face challenges better.I have always felt that there is huge talent among students which is untapped due to time and economic constraints which can otherwise benefit the entire human community,if they are given the right inputs and direction.Students in groups have an inborn talent to accept challenges and in the right atmosphere,wonderful results can be achieved.I started a club as a co-curricular activity for students after school hours.The idea of the IT Club was two pronged-One,to create a talent pool that can be used to work on projects and create computer based content & presentations and two,this forum has helped students showcase their creativity,participate in various competitions sportingly and win goodwill on behalf of the school.The students are not forced into projects;rather they are given various choices and encouraged to choose one that interests them.We chose to do our project on GM Crops because this is an issue that is particularly important to the Indian context.GM Crops can prove to be a boon to Indian farmers,if they are encouraged to use them.Genetically modified crops can address the food shortage problem in our country,by making food grains available at substantially subsidized prices,while simultaneously ensuring that the farming community prospers.The most important learning outcome of such projects has been collaboration.Students learn to co-exist within a heterogeneous group,while learning to create a finished product from inputs that have been obtained by individuals fulfilling asymmetric roles.This exercise has been successful in teaching youngsters flexibility in order to arrive at a common goal.Students have taken to effective web browsing for collecting inputs for the project,thereby improving their research skills.It has given every student in the group the right exposure,confidence and a sense of self-worth,as his suggestion has a part to play in the final product.This has also encouraged collaborative student-faculty participation,inter-disciplinary approach,generating awareness on proper ethics,which enhances the personality of a student and instills leadership skills among students.Cray Club is involved in the development of many Community based projects round the year and students are involved in these projects through various forums.The theme of the project that has been chosen was Genetically Modified Crops-Whether India should accept cultivation of GM Crops or should we resist import and cultivation of GM Crops.This has been in the news for a while now and the common people,especially the farmers to whom it matters most are not well informed.The Club decided to organize a group of volunteers who would first understand what GM Crops are,the pro & cons,study the issue carefully keeping in mind the Indian sentiment and values,introspect,listen to expert opinions,interact with farmers to educate them on this new technology & understand their problems,get their views,study whether it will be useful to a poor but growing country like ours and then give their opinion.The project was based on collaborative study and our aim was to clearly define the role of GM Crops;whether it will be a boon to the nation and the people of our country or whether its advantages are over-stated by the west.The project would also try to understand whether the solution was genuine or a gimmick by the developed countries to use developing countries as guinea pigs for research.The final outcome of the project was then shared with the public through various means.

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