Inspiring Student Learning and Creativity through Gaming. Mar 12th at 5:00pm, room 111/112 @ the Microsoft Global Forum in Barcelona.

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As the world of education rapidly changes, the need for technology-enabled classrooms becomes increasingly important. There is also a demand for learning technology that not only engages students and but also helps change student outcomes. A well-designed game can achieve specific learning goals that result in a workforce of highly-motivated learners who avidly engage and apply problem-solving skills. In this panel discussion, industry experts will discuss the power of gamification in education through game play and game design as well as how these techniques can be applied today. In addition, the speakers will debate which types of learning technologies actually work for students, will show meaningful results, and will share how to integrate these offerings into your classroom today.

Moderator: Mark Sparvell

Associate Director, Principals Australia Institute Mark S Mark is the Associate Director, Professional Learning at Principals Australia Institute where he leads work on the design and delivery of contemporary leadership learning across Australia and the Asia-Pacific. Mark’s expertise is around 21st century learning design supported by innovative use of technology.

Doug Bergman

Teacher, Porter-Gaud School, Charleston, South Carolina doug bergman Doug Bergman is a teacher at Porter-Gaud School in Charleston, South Carolina, in the United States. He’s been teaching for almost 20 years, the majority of that in Computer Science. He has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Information Systems, and Master’s Degree in Education Administration. He is a product of 12 years in the public school world, but has spent the last 20 years in the independent school world, plus a few years in private industry.

Simon Breakspear

Founder of LearnLabs simon Simon Breakspear is recognised internationally as a leading thinker on the future of learning and educational innovation. Simon is the founder and CEO of LearnLabs, a global education consultancy that helps school, system, policy and business leaders design and deliver high-impact strategies to enable 21st Century learning at scale. He has worked with and spoken to leaders across Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the UK, Europe, Canada, Israel, Hong Kong and India.

Kiril Rusev

CEO Jumpido Kiril Kiril Imagine Cup finalist, turned entrepreneur, co-founded and became the CEO of his first startup in his early 20s. His first company, Nimero, is focused on innovative software tool, called Envision that ensures active students' participation and was created as a result of participation in Microsoft Imagine Cup in 2009. Today Envision is used in more than 15% of all Bulgarian primary schools and has won several awards and recognitions.

In May 2013, Kiril Rusev co-founded and became the CEO of Jumpido, an education start-up creating gesture-based games for schools using Kinect. The project is focused on transforming the way children learn mathematics in school by engaging them physically. Jumpido is already used in several European countries and has received seed investment from LAUNCHub.

Shafaque Riaz

Director of ICT, Cambridge International School of GEMS Education, Dubai Shafaque has been the Director of ICT at Cambridge International School of GEMS Education for the last four years. GEMS is a global network of schools which works in collaboration with likeminded organizations such as Dubai Cares, UNESCO and Oxfam.

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