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Our first goal is to open fields, and integrate with the world-wide learning to convert the school to a global one. Teachers and students are encouraged to accept new ideas and participate in an educational festival every day. We look forward to using new methods that are not yet practiced .
  • Support students' talents : The process of teaching and education is not only in the classroom. The other side is to help the students' within themselves. Their own interests, talents and what they are keen at are discovered and encouraged for their personal benefit first then as a member of the society. This is the main aim of the school bazaar "Hearts Day Out" which was done by the English teacher Haifa Al-Nahedh.
  • Integration of education technology: We live in a time when information technology is an integral part of our daily lives. Computer teacher Mariam Al-Heji was used as a point of technical communication between her and the student , and was communicating through 6 channels : Twitter - e-mail - Blog on the Internet - Blog on the Android system - YouTube channel - titled interactive design software (network).
  • Learn chemistry using fun: Project was implemented Chemistry entitled, (What's the story) with chemistry teacher Ebtisam Al-Omar and her students that fads in which students presented 7 Stories chemical tells a variety of experiences.
  • 81 reasons to visit the 81 : we have 81 reasons To be our focus for every one. So the school is chosen for the visit by the delegation comes from out of our countries delegation from the State of Oman with affiliates of administration gifted to view the program talented.
  • Volunteer work : Desiring to support volunteer work with the students and instract them to love charity work and community service. the students have carried out several activities Including: Training first aid by the Saudi Red Crescent - Visit rehabilitation centres Including Al-wafaa Centr for special needs
  • Learn math Like scientists : mathematics from science to be using multiple devices and technology for learning . That's why math teacher Areej Al-Mallohi Prepared for activities to examine the article in an innovative way as with the students in the Sequences lesson where is linked to mathematical operations related to the stock market and how to profit Using Fibonacci Sequences .

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