Training of ICT Teachers for the 21st Century Skills Development

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After long months of waiting, finally, I started my training in the Division of Leyte, Philippines. Now, I am doing my commitment to Microsoft in Education and that is to train teachers to become innovative, simply, through the integration of technology in education. At first, I thought it would be difficult to train 400 teachers. That is really my apprehension, because Leyte was one of the provinces in the Eastern Visayas Region, Philippines, which was totally damaged by the super typhoon Yolanda. Hence, it became difficult for me to work on the approval of the training.

After the Global Forum 2014 at Barcelona, Spain, I submitted my training design to the Division of Leyte which I’ve waited for so long. Until, this month of November 2014, finally, we kick off for the two ICT Trainings which focus on the 21st Century Learning Design Activities that will train teachers to create a learning activity align to the new Kto12 Basic Education Curriculum of the Department of Education in the Philippines.

This is really a good help for the teachers. They will not just learn the new technology they can let the students acquire the 21st century skills such as collaboration, knowledge construction, skilled communication, the use of ICT for learning, self-regulation and the real-world problem and innovation through the learning activities they will create following the 21CLD.

That’s why I am very glad that this ICT training of Microsoft made possible by the DepEd Computerization Program (DCP) through the Superintendent, Dr. Ronelo Al K. Firmo and the ICT Supervisor, Dr. Ismael T. Posion. DepEd Division of Leyte funded 4 batches of training for ICT Teachers that consists of 40 participants per batch, the training started last November 12, 2014 and will end on November 29, 2014. The schedules of training are as follows: Batch 1, Nov. 12-14, 2014, Batch 2, Nov. 20-22, 2014, Batch 3, Nov. 24-26 and the Batch 4 will be on Nov. 27-29, 2014.

Microsoft Philippines Lead for Education, Ms. Clarissa Segismundo, is expected to join the training on the last batch. This is because of the implementation of Microsoft Ambassadors for Education, the program of Microsoft Philippines that train teachers to become 21st century educators. Two of the qualified teachers of the Philippines who can possibly join the forum at Redmond, Washington, join this ICT Training. Their 21st century learning activities serve as guide of the teachers in making their own LA. Jenibeth Fernandez author of ICT Makes Fun in Grade 1 and Jonas Cabusbusan author of PinMe Crafts. I also present my LA What Makes Accounting Exciting? And even shared my experiences when I was at the Global Forum in Barcelona.

Aside from this, the other training which will start this November is the Technology Integration in Education training for Grade 1 and 7 teachers. This will start on November 24, 2014 and will end on December 11, 2014, with 3 batches consisting of 100 participants per batch.

So before year end, I am confident that on the next school year, teachers will no longer use the traditional approach but the innovative approach or strategy in teaching and learning.

In using the 21CLD and making LA, different ICT tools at the Microsoft Educators Network were downloaded and applied in the training. Like the AutoCollage, Fotor, Corinth Micro Plant, Corinth Classroom B, FotoStory, making of digital quiz using PowerPoint, making of digital flashcards using PPT, making videos using MovieMaker, and etc.

Tips and Tricks in using Office products are also part of the training. And the best part of the training is the Office Mix and presentation of Learning Activity on the 3rd day.

With all of the learnings of the ICT teachers, I personally believe that the Philippine education system is on the right track using Microsoft ICT tools. We also organize a new team for teachers called Innovative Classroom Teachers (ICT).

Hence I am very proud that I am a Microsoft Innovative Expert and Partners in Learning Trainer that made me an ambassador for education.

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