Kids Coding in Hong Kong

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Kids Coding is a new topic in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, students can learn coding only on secondary school. If they don't take Computer Science for their core subject in higher form, they can only learn coding up to secondary 3.

Coding become more and more important all over the world. Coding can increase the competing power of a country as it may be the main industry in the future world. Nearly all the devices or machine need program to drive it.

So, I start to make some change in Hong Kong education sector. I start a kids coding program in Hong Kong. I reform my school curriculum, adding coding elements in the Computer Science curriculum from Primary 1 to Primary 6. We use different software or online materials to let the kids learn coding. Example, Hour of Code, Scratch, Kodu, Small Basic, Touch develop...

We have start the program in 2012. We first design a concrete curriculum. Then we introduce Flipped Classroom Concept. Students learn coding knowledge at home and they design the program in school with the classmates and teacher. We not just teach them the skill or knowledge about coding, but we design different learning activities for them to use coding to solve the real world problem. All the activities are base on 21st century skill learning activity rubric to design.

Over the year, we found that coding can help students improve the logical thinking skills. These can be observed in different subjects. Also, we found that this program can help students to build up 21st century skills easily. They are now learning to learn.

Basic information: School: Salesian School School Type:Public Primary School

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