10x10 #2 - Plotting the Path Together

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I've found that another key to successful learning is ownership. A student needs to know where they are, know where they want to go, and know how to get there.

By agreeing goals and plotting steps to reach it with their teachers or peers, progress is owned by the student and they can really value their growth. Giving students control of their own learning destiny can also bring about surprising and brilliant experiences for you and them which you could not predict.

It's a shame that the majority of curriculums and teaching approaches take control away from the students - what right do we have to prevent them owning their learning? Our job is to shape it and steer it and provide safe and creative environments for it to happen. Not to force one journey on all children.

For a useful free tool to help students and teachers set goals and plot learning paths together check out Lengo (http://www.lengo.it/)

Next week in the 10x10 series........ Marginal Gains.

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