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We are now finishing the course academic in Spain, many of my colleagues and myself, we ask ourselves what will learn our students of activities that propose, even if the shape that we have proposed them activities, with the methodology, the "mysterious" how, was the most suitable.**

The simplest answer is to ask her own students as simple questions: what activity is most like you?, which activity has developed, or enhanced your skills?, what all the activities you has excited more?.

The responses of your students can surely surprise you, but they will be very coincidental among them, and formed a Bank of information that can help us in constant question: how raise this activity to achieve academic goals, and skills that desire?, how practice creativity?, how?... is the big question.

Personally I can only provide answers from my experience teaching, and of course, they are linked to my work context; and partial answers from that location, I think that they are global to more than one context.

We learn to be teachers while we exercise the role of the teacher in the classroom with our students, and, possibly, this linkage, that connection is that we establish which leads us to question one and again, how to improve our strategies in order to achieve the best educational practices. For this reason, we are trying to share how we have performed this activity, or how we have achieved the motivation of students, how we have achieved they excite, improve their skills.

That is why, in the search for answers, we investigate, and we will expand our horizons, through the communities of learning, as this is Microsoft Educator Network community, as well as social networks, where sharing ideas and knowledge from any interest is the principal of values, build our personal learning environment, without realizing.

Find the answers to how requires a search, a sharing of experiences, a give prominence to students for this path, while teachers will continue looking for our answers to the how we approach our students. Can a more thrilling than this quest adventure there be?

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