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Westlands Primary school is a Kenyan public primary school that lies about three kilometers west of the Central Business District of the capital city of Kenya- Nairobi. It is a modern school with permanent buildings, goood infrastructure modern learnoing facilities such as computers. it is a triple streamed school with about 1500 pupils and 40 teachers. It also enjoys a support staff of twenty three workers. It is a good working environment where excellence thrives. Westlands school is one of the few public primary shcools that have considerably embraced I.C.T. in education in kenya. all pupils attend computer lessons, in addition to the subjects in the regular curriculum. computer lessons are also charted in the master - timetable alongside English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies Kiswahili and R.E. The pupils also attend one Library lesson each week, derived from the English lessons. Westlands is one of the best performing public primary schools in Kenya. In Westlands, teachers engauge learners in a variety of activities to enable them to develop all round personalities capable of going through different difficulties in and out of school with reasonable ease. The pupils atend swimming lessons once a week according to the school timetable. There rae also oyher physical activities. In addition to that, there is a school games day every Thursday evening where pupils participate and compete according to their houses and seasons. This term, the pupils are participating in Athletics and Music festivalsin accordance with the Ministry of Education's Rota of the co- curriculum activities for Kenyan schools. The school administration has also put into place a guidance and counseling department where pupils are counseled on different issues. Being an urban school, there are several issues the pupils go through. They are also counseled on career paths. The school also participates in other global programmes such as Connecting Classrooms, sponsored by the Britich council- In conjunction with Microsoft and other stakeholders In spite of all the above, the school and the pupils have various challenges ranging from truancy, child neglect, incomplete assignments, cases of indiscipline, difficult parents and lesson disruptions. All in all, as a teacher here, I enjoy my work.

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