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It is good to be with people who have the passion for teaching. Aside from being a Microsoft Expert Educator, now I am a Microsoft Ambassador for Education. This is a new program of Microsoft Philippines which aims to help teachers in using technology in teaching.

With this, I cannot just train teachers as my commitment to Microsoft in Education Global Community… I can do more… as my advocacy. This is very exciting! Ambassadors need to adopt a school and train teachers with the use of technology. Particularly, the latest ICT tools of Microsoft and educational tools which can be downloaded in the Partners in Learning Network.

To sustain this project, an Ambassador will choose 3 Microsoft School Champs from their adopted school. These School Champs will lead the ICT enablement for teachers and the ambassador will serve as their coach in the proper use of technology for teaching and learning.

Regular training will be provided for the school champs to keep them updated on the latest tools, resources, tips and tricks that they can use for teaching, which they need to cascade to their fellow faculty members.

One good thing in the ambassador’s program, there are students who are really intelligent and expert in technology. I met the group of students who are also Microsoft Ambassadors for Education. These students are the Microsoft Student Partners who were trained to impart their knowledge and skills about the latest technological development that teachers can use in teaching. I am really grateful with this opportunity. Microsoft honed my skills and prepared me to my new journey.

I cannot do this alone, I want to keep in touch with you, other expert educators in the world. Upload and share your learning activities that we can use here in the Philippines.

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