10x10 #7 - Business Intelligence is Basic Intelligence

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Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great holiday (even if you were still at work!) and welcome back to the Building Capacity Hot Topic. Have you missed me?!! Lets continue the series on the 10 things I've learned about learning.

Successful businesses gather, analyse and use data every day. It helps inform strategy, it indicates opportunities for celebration or intervention, it helps keep stakeholders informed and engaged and it is now so much easier to do because of technology.

Using Excel to record and visualise data, using Mouse Mischief to get real time results, sharing data safely and quickly in One Drive - all benefit the learning of students.

How do you collect and use data? What are your tips for making the best of the business intelligence you have about your students?

Do you agree that a successful school should consider itself and model itself on a successful business?

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