10x10 #1 - The 3 Fs

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Hi, sorry a little later than advertised but here's my first post in the 10x10 series. The 3 Fs - feedback, feedback, feedback.

Nothing inspires learners more than feedback. Not just a grade or even a 'well done' but proper, constructive, formative feedback. This can be from an adult or from a peer - both are equally valuable. I can not stress enough the importance of this simple process that many of us leave to one side day after day in the classroom. It can be verbal or written, it doesn't matter. It just needs to be regular and supportive. How about using different coloured pens to provide it? Green for growth ("what you could do next" type feedback) and pink to make me wink ("I love this" type feedback).

The researcher, John Hattie, in his Visible Learning study of over 200 million pieces of student data and 50,000 educational studies on what affects achievement the most over time put feedback at 3rd place with the potential to advance a student's progress by up to 2 years over their school career. Think about that.

It works for adults too, trust me!

How do you use feedback in your teaching? What simple strategies can you share with us all? What impact have you seen?

Next weeks post is called.......Plotting the Path Together.

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