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Maha Aljabr
Building Teacher Capacity you can do it Our first goal is to open fields, and integrate with the world-wide learning to convert the school to a global one. Teachers and students are encouraged to accept new ideas and participate in an educational festival every day. We look forward to using new methods that are not yet practiced . Support students' talents : The process of teaching and education is not only in the classroom. The other side is to help the students' within themselves. Their own interests, talents and what they are ...
Marwa Hussein
Building Teacher Capacity Educational Revolution After the Egyptians revolution, we (Egyptian teachers) should think about making an educational revolution, because of the old fashion educational practices "Spoon-Feeding" which are not suitable to the 21st century students. Now after many years of poor teacher training, we need to change our training programs, we need to change our teacher minds which remains the same for many years. We are trying to start training teachers with good technological background and/or teachers with good pedagogical...