Imagine the Classroom of the Future

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We have all seen the ways in which tablets are transforming the education experience in classrooms across the world by enabling one-to-one computing, tailored learning, virtual group collaboration, digital skill building, mobile learning and many more changes in how our teachers teach, and how our children are learning.

But one thing that hasn’t changed much over the past century, despite the rapid advancements in education, are classrooms themselves. We still see rows of desks lined up facing a wall. This configuration is good for lecture-based, individualized learning. However, it may not be optimal for collaborative learning experiences, or support one-to-one device learning and teaching.

The time has come to Imagine what the Classroom of the Future could look like… What kind of furniture would it have? How would it be set up? How could Teachers and Students interact better with technology? And specifically, how can the classroom be better adapted to support tablets as a learning and teaching tool?

Surface is running a campaign to help explore this topic, and we’ve gotten some great ideas – like interactive smart desks, student wheeled desks and chairs, Surface backpacks and binders, digital pen solutions, and more.

As Educators, we want your opinion – please register, and cast your vote for your favorite ideas (1 vote per day) and you will be entered to win a Surface 2. Voting ends January 17th so register today!

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