Never to Late to Get It Right

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Just as it’s not too late to get your flu shot, it’s not too late to get ed tech implementation right. Time and again One-to-One Institute is called upon to help schools/districts re-set their programs to get on the right track. Many early adopters didn’t have twenty years of research and practice to guide their work. It is good news that ed leaders monitor progress and recognize the need to retool. It can be done. It is a wise decision. Today is a different story. There is much to guide successful practice in one-to-one work. Research abounds; successful showcase sites dot the countryside. It’s hard work and not a turnkey experience to ensure return on investment and desired student outcomes. There is no reason any organization should be contemplating one-to-one programs without calling on existing knowledge and experiences to get it right. We have the ability to network and collaborate as never before. One-to-one practitioners are anxious to share stories of challenge and success. I have witnessed powerful collaborative sharing and problem-solving in the field, at our conferences, webinars, forums and teleconferences. These communities of practice make a difference no matter what stage a school/district may be in process. On a recent teleconference, school teams from different states shared teacher evaluation processes that incorporate ed tech integration strategies and peer to peer support. Tweeting for learning and instructing was another shared tool. An expert Google trainer participated in one of our virtual events. He taught us about new Google tools and specific ideas for integrating them. We look forward to the new year to advance these learning networks. There is an ever growing body of one-to-one experts that sit at all levels of the implementation continuum. The knowledge and skills are there for the taking. Leslie Wilson CEO One-to-One Institute Co-author Project REDJ

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