1-to-1 and Phones

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We're heard from many Partners-in-Learning members that 1-to-1 is a great idea but they lack to funds to implement it.

One way may be to take advantages of student cell phones. There's a lot that can be done with cell phones along with polling, accepting work via phones, using free apps, and more on a device students may already have in their hands.

For a good overviewof what is possible, I highly recommend a book written by one of our 1-to-1 bloggers entitled "Teaching Generation Text." Here's a link to find out more http://theinnovativeeducator.blogspot.com/p/my-book.html Authors Lisa Nielsen (who blogs here) and Willyn Webb pulled together many practical and useful ways that cell phones can enhance and further learning. In fact, looking around Lisa's blog (The Innovative Educator) will result in lots of student- and learner-centered ideas you can put into operation in your own classroom.

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