Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert: How to Apply

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert

Step 1. Review program commitments

Your commitment as a MIE Expert is to be an advocate for using Microsoft technology to improve student learning. In a year, MIE Experts typically:

  • Attend 8 to 10 webinars a year to learn about and give feedback on new technologies and education concepts
  • Build educator capacity in your community (school, district or at training events) by training and coaching approximately 200 educators and inviting them to join the Microsoft Educator Network
  • Develop your own capacity as a thought leader by:
    • Speaking at 2 or more conferences
    • Regularly participate in social media such as Facebook and Twitter referencing #MSFTEDU
    • Authoring one blog every quarter that makes educators aware of Free Tools or Hot Topics blog posts on the Microsoft Educator Network
    • Participating in at least 4 teach meets in your area showcasing Microsoft technology

Step 2. Join the Microsoft Educator Network

Join the Microsoft Educator Network and fully complete your profile

Step 3. Submit a learning activity

Submit a learning activity. Learning activities are typically project-based or inquiry-based activities that exemplify the use of 21st century teaching practices. The best past learning activities have included references to the 21st Century Learning Design rubrics, included examples of student's work, and a video explaining the learning activity. All learning activities should be submitted in English to apply to become a MIE Expert. See learning activities from MIE Experts.

Step 4. Send an email to your local Microsoft Office

Send an email with a link to your profile and a link to your learning activity on the Microsoft Educator Network before 15 October, 2014 to your region’s email: 

Please be aware applications are not open yet, but reach out to your region’s email below if you are interested and want to find out more information on the application.

Asia Pacific

Central and Eastern Europe






Latin America

Middle East and Africa

United Kingdom


Western Europe



MIE Experts will be selected by the regional Microsoft representative based on the quality of the learning activity submitted, the educator’s ability to meet commitments and their fluency in English (the language used for the professional development webinars and special events).

Microsoft Innovative Expert Fellows (MIE Fellows):
By invitation. Top of class MIE Experts who have served as the face and voice of Microsoft in education for at least a year may be invited to become MIE Fellows by your local Microsoft representative.  Those invited will have demonstrated active leadership and influenced educators to incorporate 21st century learning practices in teaching and learning.



Application and Selection of MIE Experts July - October 2014
Announcement of MIE Expert Educators November 2014
MIE Experts Active Engagement November 2014 - November 2015
Webinars November 2014 - November 2015
Global Educator Exchange April 2015