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If you teach physics or are interested in learning physics, you will truly appreciate this engaging, interactive multimedia experience. Project Tuva explores core scientific concepts and theories by presenting timeless videos through an enhanced Video Player that features searchable video, linked transcripts, notes, and interactive extras. The project centers on seven classic physics lectures by Nobel Laureate Dr. Richard Feynman, recorded in 1964 at Cornell University. The lectures, which showcase Feynman's signature humor and clear speaking style, have been enhanced with commentary by Dr. Robert Jaffe, a physics professor at MIT. Jaffe provides a wealth of information regarding his own personal experience with Feynman, insights into how science has progressed in the 45 years since the lectures were originally made, and deeper exploration of key concepts that Feynman introduces.

Famous Feynman lectures updated with interactive features, expert commentary, and the latest knowledge

Teachers and students alike will enjoy the interactivity incorporated within this entertaining series of footage. These are some of the most famous lectures in modern physics, in part because Feynman was making a special effort to make physics more accessible to younger people and the public. Additional expert commentary from Tycho Brahe, Johannes Kepler, and Albert Einstein, among others, accompanies the lectures. The video player lets you take notes online timed to the lecture, as well as search the video content using the transcripts to help you further your class discussions. Each lecture is about 50 minutes long. This material is made freely available to the public courtesy of Bill Gates, who hopes to inspire and encourage students worldwide to develop an interest in science.

Use Project Tuva to offer an integrated learning experience on the wonders of physics:

  • Explore scientific concepts with guidance from the world's top physicists
  • Show students the fun of physics through engaging, entertaining commentary
  • Use the enhanced video player to search and discuss particular pieces of information
  • Take notes dynamically as you go
  • Extract excerpts to create in-classroom activities or self-paced learning

System requirements:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Silverlight, a free video player from Microsoft


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