Windows MultiPoint Server

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Windows MultiPoint Server (WMS) is a simple, cost-effective way for more students and teachers to gain access to the latest technology, improving learning, and helping students prepare to compete in a global economy. Windows MultiPoint Server is best utilized in schools for use in classrooms, labs, and libraries. Tapping into a PC’s excess capacity, it allows multiple users to simultaneously share one computer.
Increase Access While Reducing Equipment, Energy and Maintenance Costs

Students and teachers need access to technology to get ready to compete for 21st century jobs, but many schools don’t have sufficient budget to buy the computers they need. Plus, finding money for ongoing maintenance and support can be a challenge. Schools need innovative ways to get the most out of older technology, investments that they have already made. Windows MultiPoint Server is a great solution. With Windows MultiPoint Server, one host computer is shared by multiple users simultaneously, enabling schools to reduce overall costs 66% by saving on hardware, energy, and maintenance. Schools can effectively triple the number of Windows computers without increasing budget. The concept of Windows Multipoint Server is easy; It takes the excess power of a computer and shares it across multiple end users. This is called "Shared Computing" or sometimes "Virtual Desktops", which is possible due to advances in technology.

There’s nothing more important to a teacher than providing students with a personalized learning experience – not spending time on time-consuming, complicated technology. Teachers also need to be able to monitor student activity to ensure that computers are an effective learning tool in classrooms, libraries, and labs. Windows MultiPoint Server provides teachers and students with the latest and familiar Windows experience. It also gives teachers easy-to-use tools to orchestrate and manage students’ use of computers and to help students stay focused on their studies.

System Requirements:

In a MultiPoint Server system environment, stations are the user endpoints for connecting to the computer running MultiPoint Server. Each station provides the user with an independent Windows 7 experience. The following station types are supported:

  • Direct-video-connected stations
  • USB-zero-client-connected stations
  • RDP-over-LAN-connected stations (for rich client or thin client computers)

MultiPoint Server supports any combination of these station types, but it is recommended that one station be a direct-video-connected station, which can serve as the primary station.


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